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PASMA Training - Towers for Users

PASMA Training With Adapt – PASMA Towers for users is the flagship training course, attracting in excess of 70,000 delegates a year, is aimed at personnel who will be responsible for assembling, dismantling, moving and inspecting mobile access towers when using 3T or Advance Guardrail (AGR) systems.

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In this PASMA Training theory & practical course, you will learn about:

  • How to safely assemble, dismantle, alter use and move mobile access towers
  • How to inspect mobile access towers 
  • How to identify hazards relating to their use 
  • what legislation, regulation and guidance are applicable to these towers 
  • Work at height responsibilities of employers, employees and suppliers
  • Standards affecting the manufacture and use of mobile access towers
  • where to find crucial safety information 
  • when it is & isn’t safe to use a mobile access tower
  • Assembling and dismantling a mobile access tower using 3T and AGR 
  • Good practices for the safe use of mobile access towers 
  • Accessing a platform safely 
  • Moving a mobile access tower 
  • the components used in a mobile access tower 
  • Identifying hazards in the work environment 
  • Avoiding personal health hazards

Pasma Towers for Users in detail

PASMA Training, specifically the “PASMA Towers for Users” course, is a leading and highly sought-after training program that garners participation from over 70,000 individuals annually. This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to cater to personnel tasked with the crucial responsibilities of assembling, dismantling, moving, and inspecting mobile access towers, particularly when employing either the 3T (Through the Trap) or Advance Guardrail (AGR) systems.

PASMA, which stands for the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association, is renowned for its commitment to promoting safety and best practices in the use of mobile access towers. The “PASMA Towers for Users” training course epitomizes this commitment by equipping delegates with essential knowledge and practical skills. These skills enable them to work with mobile access towers in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner, aligning with industry standards and regulations.

Participants in the PASMA Towers for Users course receive comprehensive instruction on tower assembly, safe dismantling, and moving procedures. They are also well-versed in tower inspection and ensuring that towers remain in optimal condition throughout their use. The course encompasses both the 3T system, assembiling the tower from the seating and the Advance Guardrail system, which incorporates built-in guardrails for added safety.