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IPAF 3a 3b Training

Our IPAF 3a 3b Training course is delivered every day at our 5-star FEEFO training centre in Knowsley.  We own a range of new machines so we can offer 1b, 3a or 3b categories. 

This can come in a mixture of combinations on the day, from 1 machine or up to 3 machines if you’re experienced.  

Why not send us your team so you can have them all trained all at once or if work doesn’t allow, spread them over a few different dates at our centre.

All course costs are inclusive of a 5 year IPAF registration (ePAL), FREE parking and unlimited tea/coffee – with great hospitality.

Not sure if your Pal card is in date – check here 

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IPAF 3b Training

For Prices, Availability & Bookings Please Call 03331 888 111

IPAF Training Theory Content

– Introduction to IPAF 3a 3b Training
– Regulations & Guidance
– MEWP Categories
– Structural Parts
– Familiarisation and Pre Use Inspections
– Safe Operating Methods and Hazards
– Theory Test

IPAF Training Practical Content

– Introduction to the machine(s)
– Major Components
– Pre Use Checks & Inspection (inc Function checks)
– Starting & Stopping
– Planning the Route
– Travelling the Route & Manoeuvring 
– Setting the Machine for Work
– Basic Operational Practice
– Parking the Machine
– Practical Assessment

IPAF 3a 3b Training Price
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For Prices, Availability & Bookings Please Call 03331 888 111

IPAF 3a 3b Training in detail

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training programs are designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). IPAF offers several specific training categories, including IPAF 3a, 3b, and 1b, each tailored to different types of MEWPs and their operation.

  1. IPAF 3a training is focused on the safe operation of mobile vertical personnel lifts, commonly known as scissor lifts. This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to work safely in situations where vertical access is required. Training covers various aspects, including pre-use inspection, machine familiarization, safe operation, and emergency procedures. IPAF 3a training emphasizes the importance of maintaining a stable platform and following safety guidelines when using scissor lifts. Successful completion of this training leads to IPAF certification, validating the operator’s competence in handling scissor lifts.

  2. IPAF 3b training is tailored to the operation of mobile boom-type lifts, including cherry pickers and articulated boom lifts. These MEWPs offer greater reach and flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The training covers topics like machine inspection, setup, safe operation, and rescue procedures specific to boom lifts. It ensures that operators are proficient in safely using these versatile machines. IPAF 3b certification demonstrates an individual’s competence in operating boom lifts, enhancing safety in various work environments

All these IPAF training programs incorporate theoretical and practical components, ensuring that participants not only understand the relevant safety standards and guidelines but also gain hands-on experience with the specific equipment they will be operating. IPAF-certified operators are recognized for their competence and commitment to safety, promoting secure working conditions when working at height. These certifications are widely respected and accepted globally, ensuring that operators are well-prepared for their roles and responsibilities.