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Adapt (UK) Training – Cookie Information

In common with the practice of most major internet sites, when you log in to your Adapt (UK) Training website account, cookies will be stored on your computer.

Cookies are small text files which allow websites to carry out a variety of useful functions and are widely-used across the internet.

We use Cookies for security, to ensure that you are correctly logged in to your user account. Cookies will also be stored to tell Us when your user account was last accessed, and if you have multiple users for your account, by whom.

Our Cookies are not indefinitely stored on your device, they will expire once you have logged out of your account or within two hours – whichever is sooner.

We also use Cookies on the Adapt Course Booking Facility to ensure that you are correctly logged in to your user account, as well to determine what products you wish to purchase from the store.

These are also not stored indefintely on your device, and are essential to the proper functioning of the store facility.

By browsing our site, you accept the use of cookies on your device.

If you have any concerns as to our use of Cookies around the site, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll answer any queries you have.