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Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (Moffett)

Course Introduction

The Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck Operator Training Course, commonly known as Moffett training, equips individuals with essential skills to operate the truck safely and efficiently. Participants undergo comprehensive instruction to conduct pre-use inspections, ensuring the equipment’s optimal functioning and adherence to safety standards. The course emphasizes the ability to identify and address potential issues, promoting proactive maintenance practices. 

A key focus is placed on the operator’s understanding of truck and load instability causes. This knowledge is crucial for preventing accidents and maintaining a secure working environment. Participants gain insights into the factors influencing stability, enabling them to make informed decisions during operation. By emphasizing safety protocols and risk management strategies, the training aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and damage to both the equipment and surrounding areas.

Upon completion of the Moffett training course, operators emerge with a heightened sense of responsibility, armed with the expertise needed to navigate challenges inherent in lift truck operation. The emphasis on safety, efficiency, and preventive maintenance underscores the commitment to fostering a culture of responsible and proficient vehicle-mounted lift truck operation.

Course Information

This qualification has been developed for those already working, or preparing to work, in the industry and who will be using a forklift truck as part of their working duties. 

Delegate Requirements – Delegates should be physically fit, in good health and should, generally, not have problems with eyesight or hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, impaired limb function, alcohol or drug dependence or psychiatric illness.  It is, however, desirable (but not mandatory) that applicants should be literate and have had driving experience as an indication of dexterity

Novice – This course is designed for the complete Novice delegate.

Experienced – Delegates must have used the equipment in a range of operations for a minimum of 3 months.

Refresher – Delegates must have already attended a course and have valid proof in the form of certification.

RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) is a leading provider of workplace transport training accreditation. Established in the UK, RTITB sets industry standards for the training of forklift operators, LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) drivers, and more. With a focus on safety and efficiency, RTITB ensures that training programs meet high-quality benchmarks. Their accreditation is widely recognized, fostering competence and compliance in the transport and logistics sector globally. RTITB collaborates with training providers to deliver effective, standardized training, enhancing the skills of operators and promoting a safer working environment. The organization’s commitment to excellence contributes to the overall proficiency and professionalism of individuals in the road transport industry.

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