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PASMA - Cantilever Towers for Users

Towers with Cantilevers equips experienced tower users with the skillset for more complex tower builds, taking into account the principles of counterbalance calculations for the use of kentledge in cantilever applications and much more.

It also covers in some depth the appropriate sections of BS 1139-6:2014 – part 6, which details the requirements for more complex tower structures, such as towers with cantilevers, which utilise components from towers complying with BS EN 1004:2004, but which are outside the limited scope of this standard.

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For Prices, Availability & Bookings Please Call 03331 888 111

In this theory & Practical course, you will learn about:

  • How to safely assemble, dismantle, alter and move cantilever towers
  • How to safely use cantilever towers 
  • How to inspect cantilever towers 
  • How to identify hazards relating to their use
  • What legislation, regulations and guidance are applicable to these towers  
  • Work at height responsibilities, employers, employees & suppliers 
  • Standards affecting the manufacture and use of cantilever towers 
  • Where to find crucial safety information 
  • When it is & isn’t safe to use a cantilever tower 
  • Carrying out pre-use checks and post-assembly inspections 
  • The components used in a cantilever tower  
  • Good Practices for the safe use of cantilever towers 
  • Accessing a platform safely  
  • Identifying hazards in the work environment 
  • Avoiding personal health hazards 

For Prices, Availability & Bookings Please Call 03331 888 111

For Prices, Availability & Bookings Please Call 03331 888 111


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